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Ask Us About Our Numerous Products

If you’re looking at purchasing a brand-new security system, padlock, or something else safety-related, you want no less than the industry standard for quality. At Keyhole Locksmithing Inc., you’ll find only top-quality products that will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. We serve home and business owners throughout Langley, BC and the surrounding communities with excellent security solutions. Our experienced team can walk you through our numerous products and explain the benefits of each.

An authentic locksmith duplicating keys

 A Range of Security Products

When it comes to security, Keyhole Locksmithing Inc. never skimps. We’re committed to providing the gold-standard in security measures, whether you’re a home or business owner. Our locksmith professionals are experts in a wide range of products, and we offer goods from some of the most reputable brands in the industry. In our inventory, you’ll find products such as:

Door Closers:

Door closers add an extra measure of security to an already-secured facility. Typically, you would find these mechanisms on fire doors. Other benefits of door closers include preventing door slamming, avoiding hand injuries, and controlling the door’s swing.


We provide padlocks for those looking for a simple security solution. While they’re not as effective as a full security system, they’re an excellent choice for lockers or drawers.


At Keyhole Locksmithing Inc., we have both new and used safes. Many homeowners use safes to store the deed to their home, important tax documents, and other paperwork that needs to stay secure. They’re also a fantastic choice for storing items with high monetary or sentimental value.

Security Systems:

For top-notch security, consider a comprehensive security system for your home or business. Our experienced team can help you select the system best suited to your needs. We’ll explain different features you’ll find on each type or suggest a custom security system.

Surveillance Systems:

If your home or business could benefit from a surveillance system, talk to our experts! We’ll help you choose one that covers as much of your property as possible.

Transponder Coding:

Transponder keys are made with a microchip inside and can reduce the chances of a break-in. If you’re interested in transponder coding, our team can explain the benefits in detail.

Choose a Team with Expertise

Whenever you’re installing or updating a security system, be sure to choose a team with the expertise to do the job right. We have the knowledge to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each product and help you make the best decision. If you’re having trouble deciding, we’re happy to make professional recommendations. We stand behind each of our products, and we know you’ll find one at Keyhole Locksmithing Inc. that makes you feel safe and sound.

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